Telička and Ježek are setting up a new political force called the VOICE movement in the Czech Republic

MEPs Pavel Telička and Petr Ježek have started a new political movement, called “VOICE” that will run at the European elections in May. The new movement aims to establish itself as an open political platform that stands for the principles of liberal democracy, market economy and European integration.

The world is undergoing tremendous change. Modern technology has created enormous and unprecedented benefits. Nevertheless, we are also confronted with growing inequality and segments of the population have not fully benefitted from globalisation. Too often, political leaders have failed to provide the right answers to the challenges of today. This has prompted MEPs Pavel Telička and Petr Ježek to start a new political movement – the VOICE. Sociologist Martin Převrátil and lawyer Aleš Novák are also co-founders and members of the preparatory committee.

“We would like to make sure that our country has a voice based on reason and responsibility,” says Vice-President of the European Parliament and former EU Commissioner Pavel Telička, explaining the reason for founding a new movement. “We don’t simply want a one-time platform for the elections in May. We want to establish the movement as an open platform on the centre-right that aims to promote liberal democracy and the rule of law, foster sustainable development and strengthen Czech and European competiveness. And we want to demonstrate that European integration is not a threat but an opportunity.” The Czech political landscape is currently dominated by populism, a high concentration of political and economic power as well as an effort of some politicians to constrain the judiciary and media independence. “We need to reverse this trend as soon as possible.”

Certainly, the first challenge of the VOICEmovement is to succeed at the European Parliament elections in May. “It is difficult to find an entity on the Czech political scene that would suit us both in terms of focus and personnel”, says Petr Ježek, the chair of the Special Committee on Financial Crimes, Tax Evasion and Tax Avoidance and the chair of the Delegation for Relations with Japan “Our goal is to continue the work that we have been doing in the European Parliament, and to bring our experience and expertise to the Czech public discourse.”

VOICE would like to offer a place to young people and to people from various professional backgrounds who are interested in entering politics but have hitherto not done so, be it because of impenetrable party structures or the unwillingness of party leaders to listen to new and innovative ideas. 

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