Pavel Telička met with delegations from Guatemala and Chile

One of the tasks of vice president of the European Parliament Pavel Telička is representing the President of EP in issues related to Latin America. That’s why he attended several important meeting on Thursday 4th May in Brussels. He and representatives of two states of Latin America discussed internal matters and their priorities in relation to European Union.

On behalf of President Antonio Tajani he met with visitors from Guatemala. Delegation was formed by Carlos Raúl Morales Moscoso, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Guatemala, Minister of Interior Francisco Manuel Rivas Lara and Minister of Labour Aura Leticia Teleguario Sincal. They discussed democratization of this state of Central America and its progress. The discussion was mainly focused on five basic areas - human rights, development cooperation and political, economic and trade relations in the country. Telička said that assistance of EU has to contribute to systematic and sustainable changes, which are so necessary to reduce high poverty and malnutrition. 

Later that day Pavel Telička hosted a meeting with the Chilean delegation in the framework of the EU-Chile Joint Parliamentary Committee. They talked also about economic situation in the country and about relationship between Chile and European Union. During the debate they dealt with the necessity of a rapid modernization of EU-Chile trade agreement.

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