Pavel Telička talked about Annual report 2014 on subsidiarity and proportionality

Second day of Plenary in Strasbourg, which takes place in days from 15th to 18th of May, offered a discussion about Annual Report 2014 on subsidiarity and proportionality. Report was introduced by its rapporteur Sajjad Karim, member of European Conservatives and Reformists Group. And Vice President of the European Parliament Pavel Telička also presented his two-minute speech. 

He expressed a positive attitude to presented report. I must say that as a fan of better regulation I read the report with some interest. While I am not an ALDE shadow, I can fully subscribe to it,” Telička said. “I also endorse the recommendations that my distinguished colleague, Karim, has put forward,” he added. 

But Telička pointed out several problematic points. First, he expressed some doubts about the extension of the consultation periods of national parliaments, which are currently 2 months long. In his opinion, it should be underlined that some national parliaments regard justification of subsidiarity and proportionality very incomplete or nonexistent. “The Impact Assessment Board considers 32% of the impact assessments reviewed in 2014 on these issues to be unsatisfactory, and our rapporteur says that these rates have not improved. Well, I must say that not only have they not improved, but down the line there has been no progress,” said Telička. 

He futher emphasized the fact that only 15 parliamentary chambers released a reasoned opinions in 2014. “We rightly want to have greater involvement of the national parliaments. But, at the same time, I think that in 2014 only 15 chambers had utilised the potential,” he said, “we need also to place more emphasis and – let us say – pressure on the national parliaments.” 

Annual report 2014 on subsidiarity and proportionality deals with the strengthening of these two principles as it is stated in Treaty of Lisbon. The co-operation of national parliaments and institutions of European Union is crucial.

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