Transport is the backbone of the internal market, Telička said during debate on the Mobility Package

On Wednesday 31 May, European Parliament reacted to the Commission's Mobility Package during the plenary in Brussels. On behalf of the ALDE group, Vice President of the European Parliament Pavel Telička commented on the matter. He pointed out the necessity of adoption the package by the end of this mandate and responded to the blue-card from Doru-Claudian Frunzulică.

According to Pavel Telička, the philosophy of the Mobility Package is convincing. However, its balance yet has to be assessed. Comparing the proposal with a child recently born, he explained that it has to be seen whether the baby is well developed: if the legs are as much developed as the arms, and whether it has a complex brain. He appealed primarily to the internal market and expressed himself against the social dumpig. 

During his speech, he highlighted that the package should be tackled in all its dimensions. This will contribute to building internal market. “We need to take into account that the backbone of the EU is internal market, and the internal market has to function,” he said, “we see on a daily basis various national measures which are, in fact, fragmenting the internal market.” For this reason, he insisted that the mobility package should be dealt as a priority and that MEPs that their utmost so that it will be approved within this parliamentary term.

After Telicka’s speech, the Romanian MEP Doru-Claudian Frunzulică from the Group of the Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats in the European Parliament came up with the question thanks to the blue card procedure. He wanted to know if the package strategy would be disturbed by the fact that United States want to withdraw from the Paris climate agreement and whether it doesn’t jeopardize Europe’s competitiveness. Telička, in response, pointed out that the EU should be mature enough to have its own policy.  

Telička sees greater problem in unilateral and protectionist practices of some Member States of the EU. “I regret that, on the same day that President Trump made first announcement about withdraw from the Paris climate agreement, the German Government enacted the Regulation which contributes to the fragmentation of the internal market and which should be addressed at European level,” he referred then to a new legislation in Germany that forbids truck drivers to spend their weekly rest in the cabin of their truck. “I really believe that package has to be given a chance and I am ready to work on it,” he said.

The Mobility Package is an essential piece of legislation that will support internal market. It focuses primarily on issues of enviromental sustainability, on social legislations, the issue of road transport charging and the possibility of efficient use of transport infrastructure. “Mobility Package is an opportunity for Europe to show it is mature enough to produce coherent rules for road transport,” he added.

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