What role should human rights and democracy play in implementing EU-Cuba deal?

What role should human rights and democracy play in the implementation of an agreement between the European Union and Cuba? This issue will be addressed on Tuesday, June 6, at an ALDE conference hosted by Vice President of the European Parliament Pavel Telička and the shadow rapporteur for the EU-Cuba agreement, María Teresa Giménez Barbat.

The conference starts at 9 AM with roundtables featuring some well known public figures from Cuba – the biggest island country of the Caribbean. Among those who agreeed to participate is Cuban journalist and member of the opposition group Ladies in White Sayli Navarro, Cuban artist and founding member of the Hannah Arendt Institute of Activism Tanie Bruguera and spokesperson for the Cuban Political Presidency Council, Vice-President of the International Platform for Human Rights in Cuba and legal advisor of the Advisory Board of the Democratic Directorate Pedro Fuentes-Cid.

Talks about Political Dialogue and Cooperation Agreement between the European Union and Cuba finalized last December, and the European Parliament should authorize the deal in July. The goal of the agreement is to open a new chapter in mutual relationships. It features, among other things, a detailed statute about human rights as a cornerstone of the partnership. It should also protect sustainable development and democracy in Cuba. Human rights, freedom of the people and democracy are the core issues in EU-Cuba relationship which is why the conference focuses on these issues .

„The situation of human rights in Cuba is not getting any better. That’s why we must talk with representatives of the so-called opposition before authorizing the agreement in the European Parliament,“ Telička explains. „We will therefore listen to the testimony of the most qualified people.“

The conference is free of admission and the proceedings will be translated into English, French and Spanish.



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