Pavel Telička and ALDE welcome the Commission's approach to ensure competition and connectivity

Commission presented a Communication on Aviation for an “Open and Connected Europe”, which complements the “Aviation Strategy for Europe” launched in December 2015. This Communication is accompanied by the following measures: a new Regulation to safeguard competition in air transport, replacing Regulation (EC) No 868/2004, a list of good practices to improve service continuity in air traffic management and interpretative guidelines on both ownership and control rules for European airlines and on the Public Service Obligation rules.

“We support the approach taken by the Commission to better address practices negatively affecting competition. Indeed the EU needs a more effective and dissuasive instrument against such practices and at the same time EU air carriers need to continue building on European assets to provide a unique and competitive response to the specificities of their competitors,” said Pavel Telička, ALDE TRAN-Coordinator and EP-Rapporteur for the “Aviation Strategy for Europe”.

ALDE MEP Telička welcomes the European Commission’s list of good practices to enhance airspace efficiency as it represents a step toward the implementation of a Trans-European Motorway of the Sky, as pointed out in his report. These would ensure continuity of air services in the event of unforeseen circumstances or disruptions of air traffic to the benefit of passengers and business. 


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