Pavel Telicka holds European Makers Workshop to launch European Maker Week

On Wednesday October 18th, Mr Telicka organized an event to bring together makers, innovators and policy makers from across Europe. The EU funded project OpenMaker and PlusValue joined forces with MEP Pavel Telicka and MEP Georgi Pirisnki to launch ‘European Maker Week’.  In his opening remarks, Mr. Telicka stated that 

‘’Makers and entrepreneurs need the support of policy makers, and institutions need to provide the ideal conditions for makers. It is crucial to bridge the gap between the two, simply to make makers more aware of different tools such as the EFSI that can provide them with the resources to develop their projects’’.

OpenMaker project offers a unique opportunity for manufacturers and makers to test and scale new partnerships as part of its aim to seed and accelerate the fourth Industrial Revolution. This initiative seeks to catalyse the ideation, discovery, design, and prototyping of business models, production processes and governance systems driving the radical distribution, decentralization and mass collaboration between manufactures and makers. 

The Maker movement is an emerging social technology-based movement that combines manufacturing and social innovation with local communities. The European Makers workshop presented four ‘makers’ and their projects. First speaker, Francesco Pezzuoli from Limix, presented the ‘Talking Hand’, a wearable device that enables translation of sign language. The Talking Hand has attracted numerous private and public entities, and has received several competitions. 

Second project, BluRhapsody, spin-off project of food company Barilla, is exploring 3D printing for pasta as a business. In the current stage, the founder of BluRhapsody, Antonio Gagliardi, is serving 3D pasta to Michelin starred chefs presenting the choice of customization of ingredients and shapes as a way to expand the gastronomical experience. Next, the event presented Fabien Benetou and Virtual Reality as a tool to efficiently share content, and play with information. The last project, presented by Christophe de Jaeger, showed off a collaboration between BOZAR’s Art and Research department and the start-up GLOUN, to provide young people in local communities a platform to come up with ideas, innovation, and prototypes for a more sustainable Brussels. 

Mr. Telicka emphasized the need for such events to bring people from manufacturing industry and the institutions together, in order to give innovators a voice and platform because ultimately, Europe benefits from creativity, drive and intelligence. 

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