“Clean Mobility package”: Concrete actions to foster clean mobility

Today, the European Commission presented its long-awaited second part of the so-called mobility package as part of a broader “Clean Mobility package”. It aims at further facilitating the EU's transition to low carbon mobility and economy and comes up with concrete proposals to achieve this goal.

These proposals include, for example, the Clean Vehicles Directive to promote clean mobility solutions in public procurement tenders and the Directive on Passenger Coach Services to stimulate the development of bus connections over long distances across Europe and other alternative options to the use of private cars.

ALDE MEP and TRAN coordinator Pavel Telička welcomed today the Commission’s proposal package:

“Today's proposal is the missing piece of the mobility package aiming to deliver clean and efficient mobility for both passengers and freight. I was pleased to see that this issue had been addressed in the Commission not only through a purely transport perspective, but as an integral part of the Energy Union project: because the shift to a clean mobility won't happen without concerted actions between manufacturers and energy providers, the industry and the consumers."

"There is enormous progress to make for the transport sector to reduce emissions, but cutting on transport emissions does not have to mean cutting on mobility. Instead we have to create and encourage a market for the development of cleaner vehicles, we need to set up a framework that consumers trust, and we must invest in infrastructure to allow the transition from one transport mode to a less polluting one. I think that it is the logic of the Commission's proposal and exactly what I hope we will achieve with the contribution from the Parliament."

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