The European Union is stepping up efforts to improve military mobility

As part of the drive to better protect citizens and improve the Union's security environment, the European Commission and the High Representative are proposing a number of actions to improving military mobility within the European Union.

"The communication by the Commission to improve military mobility within the EU is a timely and important proposal. It is good to see that security and defence are high on the agenda as transport infrastructure is a key element of any defence system. In the past, deficiencies in the military transport infrastructure has more than once led to serious hick-ups during EU operations.

If troops or equipment are held up we put our soldiers on the ground at unnecessary risk. Eliminating barriers hampering military mobility therefore constitutes an important stepping-stone towards common military structures. In addition, improving transport infrastructure will also open up possibilities to create synergies between military and civilian use. The trans-European network for transport (TEN-T) already works at improving missing links and interoperability between different transport modes in the civilian sector.

Further proposals should therefore build upon TEN-T in order to maximise benefits for both civilian and military use. It will also be important that the upcoming discussion on the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) – the key financing instrument in the transport sector - take this into account. The proposals is therefore a good starting point, but it is key that they are put into action and that will require clear choices from the Commission and Member States in the future," said Pavel Telička, the vice-president of the European Parliament. 

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