The proposal for the reform of the asylum system has passed by Parliament's vote

On November 16, the European Parliament voted on the proposal by Swedish MEP Cecilia Wikström to reform the European asylum system. Even though, 175 Members of Parliament voted against the reform, including Vice-President of the European Parliament, Pavel Telicka, the proposal was approved.

‘The European Union has already reduced the number of illegal migrants seeking asylum, through a range of measures. The current proposal of the European Parliament is another contribution to bringing migration under control. The migration crisis has shown that we need a clear set of rules that would significantly reduce the number of migrants coming to Europe, "said Telicka on the proposal reform of the asylum system.

The proposal of the Dublin regulation contains many positive measures. However, certain instruments that have already proved to be dysfunctional are still part of the reform. ‘’A mandatory relocation mechanism without effective border controls has not worked in the past and will not work until migration is fully under control. At a time when the issue of migration needs a unified EU, the redistributive mechanism would create unnecessary tensions within Europe’’ warns Telicka.

Telicka also stressed that if we want to make progress, the Czech Republic will have to rethink its stance. ‘’The Czech government should be constructive and should use its influence to promote reforms that would appropriately combine the effective control of external borders, return policy, and European solidarity. It is also necessary to draw a clear line between economic migration and asylum seekers that need our help temporarily’’ added Telicka. “If the Czech Republic wants to strengthen its position and meet its international commitments, it should rethink its 'no refugee' policy and welcome a certain number of verified people for temporary asylum."

The proposal was initiated and approved by the European Parliament’s Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs. On Thursday, it passed Parliament's vote during the plenary session. While 390 Members of Parliament voted in favor, 175 voted against the proposal. It will now be discussed in trilogue where the Commission, Council and Parliament representatives will seek to achieve a satisfactory outcome. ‘I hope that during the trilogue negotiations the disputed points will be resolved to ensure a truly effective regulation “Telicka concluded.

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