Mexico is important strategic partner for EU, said Telička during meeting with Mexican delegation

The sixth round of negotiations for modernising the EU-Mexico Global Agreement has started in Brussels on Monday, 27 November. During the second day’s program, Vice-President of the European Parliament Pavel Telička met with representatives of the Mexican delegation.

Pavel Telička met with delegations from Mexico and the European Parliament on Tuesday afternoon. The meeting took place in the Brussels Parliament building. “I hope we will have a modernization of the agreement as soon as possible. Mexico is important partner for EU,” said Telička, “the current form of the agreement dates back from the turn of the century and needs an update.”

Representatives of Mexico and the EU have already made progress in areas including customs and trade facilitation, rules of origin, technical barriers and digital trade. Despite this, there are still some substantial obstacles to overcome. These are, in particular, public procurement, investor dispute settlement and geographical indications. Mexico would also need to strengthen rules on state owned enterprises as well.“I believe that these obstacles will be solved very soon,” said Telička. "At a time when protectionist tendencies are growing, it is important to show that both Mexico and the EU are committed to free trade. Open markets boost productivity and growth and thus create more jobs and chances for citizens on both sides of the Atlantic," Telicka concluded.

Mexico was one of the first countries with which the European Communities established diplomatic relations more than 50 years ago. It is also the first country in Latin America with which the EU concluded a Global Agreement. Today, the partnership is marked by a close and strong economic relationship.

Negotiations on a new form of the agreement began in June 2016. Since then, five negotiating rounds have taken place. The sixth round is scheduled for 27 November to 1 December and takes place in Brussels. The aim of negotiations is to extend and deepen the agreement in such a way to better reflect the current international situation.

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