As Vice President of the European Parliament, Pavel Telicka is now responsible for human rights and democracy

Pavel Telicka will have an additional responsibility as Vice-President of the European Parliament. From today, he will be responsible for human rights and democracy. This was announced at the European Parliament Bureau Meeting on 13th of December.

Following the election of new Vice-Presidents of the European Parliament, several portfolios were redistributed. On change also affects Pavel Telička, who will be responsible for human rights and democracy. "I am very happy about this change," Telička commented, "I have been focusing on this issue since the beginning of my mandate, but now I will be able to use the position as Vice-President of the European Parliament to push the agenda of Human Rights and Democracy forward.”

Human rights are among the main priorities of the European Parliament. Parliament is a key actor in the fight for democracy, freedom of speech, fair elections and the rights of the oppressed. Telicka wants to focus primarily on Cuba, Iran and Eastern Europe. “These are areas where there is a constant violation of human rights and a direct threat to democracy. The European Union must be firm and insistent on this issue. It cannot compromise on its basic values, "he added. The area of human rights will be shared with Italian Vice-President Fabio Massimo Castaldo, who was elected on November 15. "I think Fabio and I will be able to complement each other well," Pavel Telička noted.

Pavel Telička was elected as one of the Vice-Presidents of the European Parliament in January 2017. Newly elected Vice-Presidents obtain a mandate for two and a half years. Telicka will continue until the end of this term - until May 2019. His Vice-Presidential portfolios include, in addition to human rights, the field of informatics and telecommunications, representing the President in multilateral bodies for security including NATO and the OSCE, the Academy of European Law in Trier and others. As a member of several working groups of the EP Bureau, he is involved in a number of reforms in the area of finance and security.

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