Nanoday in Brussels? European Parliament will be filled with nanofibers!

Would you like to see how nanofibres will be produced directly in the European Parliament? Are you interested in the latest news on Czech nanotechnology? I would like to invite you to the Nanoday event in Brussels which is taking place on Thursday 3 May. 

During the Nanoday event, participants will be able to take part in panel discussions, as well as to see the exhibition of nanotechnology products made by Czech companies. They will see how nanofibers, which are used for wine filtration or in anti-dust mite beddings, are made. There will alsobe a showcase of of nanooptics, nanoaircleaners, 3D nanobattery, nanofibre respirators and much more. 

Along with me and representatives of Czech nanotechnology companies you will be able to get involved in panel discussions. The event will be attended by the Chairman of the Czech Nanotech Industries Association Jiří Kůs, Director of Industrial Technologies of the European Commission Peter Dröll and Claude Turmes from the Greens EFA Group. 

To give you a personal experience, nanoties and nanocosmetics will be distributed to participant.

If you want to make sure that the Czech Republic is nano, register here by 20 April. 

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