4th Railway Package

Committee on Transport and Tourism, TRAN
Rail, Transport
Shadow rapporteur

For railway package, agreed by MEPs in December 2016, was Pavel Telicka a shadow rapporteur.
The aim of the package was to open up the railway market to free competition. This will enable greater attractiveness for investors and improve the quality of rail services, while reducing the prices for passengers. It was necessary to create a new legislative framework, in order to break the old monopolies on the markets and new companies could come. Much of the effort was successful: the mandatory public tender for the allocation of rail routes will be gradually introduced. These contests will increase the transparency of the process and should motivate companies doing business on the railways to provide customers with even better service.

“Although I had hoped that the transitional period will be shorter, the final form of the agreement is, in my opinion, quite satisfactory. ... But that part of the text relating to the administrators of the rail networks and financial transparency remained too vague to be effective. And that is why I am against this section. Without the strict independence of the railway network will "historic" (traditional) operator be always prioritized at the expense of new competitors," says Pavel Telička.

An opinion of Pavel Telička on the 4th Railway package you can read in Czech here. More information about the files of Pavel Telička you can read in the document below.