New Energy Market Design

Committee on Industry, Research and Energy, ITRE
Short name
Shadow rapporteur

Pavel Telička is a substitute in ITRE Committee and he was a shadow rapporteur of the motion for a European Parliament Resolution on Towards a New Energy Market Design.

The report should help with solving the situation on the energy market in the EU – there is a lack of investments, low incentives for business, investment environment is rather unstable. The goal of all activities related to the new form of the electricity market is of course security of energy supplies, including less dependence on imports from third countries, and lower energy prices for wholesale and retail consumers. ALDE group also believes that a well-designed Emissions Trading System (ETS) reform plays an important role in energy market design. Pavel Telička played a role in balancing the position towards more market-based solutions; inclusion of ETS reform, keeping the price spikes as a possible driver of investments or avoiding subsidies for a mature technologies. He also contributed to an acceptable wording in context with capacity mechanisms wording (capacity markets as a last resort measures).

More information can be found in the summary of files of Pavel Telička (can be downloaded below) or on the website of the European Parliament, here.