Integrated ticketing

transport, mobility

Integrated ticketing means that you can purchase a single ticket for your next trip abroad when you want to travel with both rail and a plane. In addition, such ticket also ensures that you - as it is already in place with air travel - are protected in the event of a missed connection in the course of the journey, and arrive at destination as seemingly as possible. The rules concerning air travel rights have already saved European consumers a lot of money, time and hassle. We want to extend this to rail passengers. 

Pavel Telička  repeatedly called upon the Commission and stakeholders to come forward with a legislative proposal and projects in this field. He took part and organised conferences in Brussels and Prague on the topic and contributed to many of the European Parliament reports and resolutions calling for reinforcing passengers rights when travelling with different modes. 

The European Parliament adopted a very strong stance in favour of integrated ticketing in its vote on a revision of the regulation on rail passenger rights, however, nothing can change until the Member States adopt a position on the regulation and the legislative process can be finalised. Pavel Telička  will be pushing hard to make improved passenger rights a reality as soon as possible.

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