Cross-border parcels delivery

international trade, mobility

The possibility to ship across borders has opened growing opportunities for small businesses all over the Union. Studies have shown that the price paid for a parcel to be delivered to another EU Member State considerably differs from one Member State to the other, including on the same route. There are many structural reasons for the price to differ, however, studies have also proved the price is not always justified.

Pavel Telička  was involved in the negotiations on a new regulation for cross-border parcels delivery. He argued for the scope of the regulation to be extended to all providers of cross-border parcels delivery services that are offering “single-piece” delivery. Single-piece delivery is the price paid most often by either an individual or a small company starting its ecommerce business and unable to negotiate bulk prices with a delivery company. Opening up competition and increasing transparency in this field is therefore particularly relevant to consumers and small businesses.

Due to these efforts, regulatory authorities in all Member States are empowered to assess the prices of the single-piece parcel delivery. The Commission is also responsible to annually collect all these prices and publish them onto a website open for consultation of all individuals and businesses wishing to compare the tariffs of cross-border border delivery services. Next time you order on Amazon or any service abroad, the costs for the delivery of the parcel will hopefully be lower than in previous years.


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