Waste package - waste framework directive

environment, circular economy

Its general aim is to create a framework that promotes the circular economy through an increased recycling and re-use and a more efficient use of raw materials, in order to to strengthen the internal EU market for recycled materials and to harmonise and simplify calculation methods regarding waste in all member states.  

Pavel Telička  tabled number of amendments, especially regarding environmental costs associated with goods, littering or enhanced communication among all associated parties to strengthen the internal EU market for recycled materials.  Concretely, he proposed a set of economic, financial and other measures contributing to the shift towards circular economy in the member states. These include notably a change of the landfill and incineration tax system, incentives for local authorities to promote waste prevention, develop and intensify separate collection schemes or introduce digitalisation within this sector. He also pursued a mandatory separate collection of bio-waste and changes in the area of food waste, including specific targets and incentives to prevent food waste. The new rules represent the most modern waste legislation in the world and will help to reduce the amount of waste considerably. 


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