Promoting human rights

human rights

The respect for human rights is one of the European Union's fundamental values. Any violation of these rights affects the democratic principles upon which our society is founded, whether they take place within or outside the EU.  The European Parliament fights such violations through legislative action, including election observation, monthly human rights debates in Strasbourg and by enshrining human rights in its external trade agreements.

As Vice-President responsible for Human Rights and Democracy, Pavel Telička  has been engaged on Human Rights on various levels. He actively promotes urgency resolutions on cases of breaches of human rights. Due to his initiative, the European Parliament has passed resolutions on cases that relate to countries such as Russia, Egypt or Vietnam. These resolutions are designed to alert the public to human rights violations and possibly engage with the respective governments in a dialogue to improve the situation. In addition, Mr Telička  is also active in the Election Observation Group that coordinates EU election observation missions. These aim at strengthening, in the third countries concerned by elections or referendums, the legitimacy of national electoral processes, increasing public confidence in elections, avoiding electoral fraud, better protecting human rights and contributing to conflict solution. An example for a successful elections observation mission is Zimbabwe. In the country’s historic elections following the overthrow of president Robert Mugabe in 2018, EU observers did precisely the job they were invited to the country to do: they came in large numbers, documented manipulation and violations, and issued strong statements on a deeply flawed electoral process.

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