Cuba – unification of the Cuban opposition

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human rights, foreign policy

In December 2016 in Miami met Pavel Telička with representatives of the Cuban opposition, both from Cuba and from the United States (some 30 Cuban political opposition organisations). Among others he also met the Sakharov Prize winner, Guillermo Farias. The result of joint discussions and negotiations was that all the Cuban opposition movements agreed on a text, which is a groundbreaking step.

Opposition forces from Cuba and from outside the island, had never found a common position and procedure. The text of their appeal is a common message to the EU on the occasion of the signing of the political agreement on the dialogue between the EU and Cuba. This agreement, however, completely avoids the fundamental freedoms and human rights and contains no commitment from the Cuban side to end of the repression and the development of pluralist political system.

"I call on the EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs Federica Mogherini to listen to the voice of the Cuban democratic opposition ... even before the agreement will be ratified and implemented," says Pavel Telička.

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